Jim Beam – Kentucky Straight Bourbon 

It’s no secret that we at Black Smoke have a deep love for bourbon whiskey. Bourbon fits perfectly with Black Smoke’s way of life! BBQ, Booze & Attitude could just as well be BBQ, Bourbon & Attitude. A close collaboration with Jim Beam is a natural choice because their values align so perfectly with ours. Their family tradition of making bourbon the same way for 7 generations, combined with a commitment to quality by allowing it to age twice as long in barrels, has made them the world’s #1 Bourbon since 1795. Black Smoke & Jim Beam bring pure rock ‘n roll to the glass and the plate!

Kaasmeester Van Tricht

Kaasmeester Van Tricht is a renowned name both nationally and internationally. We enjoy collaborating with Michel and Frederic because of their extensive knowledge of cheeses and their authority in the field of cheese maturation. They source directly from producers and ensure perfect aging in the maturation cellars of Stadsbrouwerij De Koninck. Moreover, you can also visit their tasting room and beautiful shop there.

De Laet & Van Haver – The Butcher’s Store

Master butcher Luc De Laet of De Laet & Van Haver from Hove selects the finest homemade charcuterie and beautiful, whether or not, aged meat varieties for our restaurants & bars. In Hove, they operate an incredible butcher shop & restaurant, but you can also pay a visit to The Butcher’s Store, their ultra-hip butcher’s workshop, at Stadsbrouwerij De Koninck.



For our restaurant, brasserie, and pop-up kitchens, we have been collaborating with the professionals from Hilux-Hillewaert and Palux for many years. Their attention to detail and quality, combined with excellent service, ensures that we always have top-notch kitchens tailored to our chefs’ needs.


Demeyere- Staub

Good food deserves good equipment, which is why we cut our steaks with Zwilling knives and proudly work with the cast-iron creations of Staub and the pans from Demeyere. Sustainable top brands!

https://www.zwilling.com/be-nl/demeyere/bakpannen/ / https://www.zwilling.com/be-nl/staub/


The top butchers at Carmans from Beringen are true quality enthusiasts and ensure, among other things, the finest cuts of meat needed for our American low & slow story. Ribs, beef ribs, Boston butts, and, of course, the highest quality brisket are specially sought and prepared for us. Moreover, it is a pleasure to explore unique pieces of sustainable meat with them. Carmans excels in fantastic service and support on top of all that.



Every visitor who comes to us can attest to our great love for cocktails and fine spirits. That’s why we choose to collaborate extensively with Bacardi-Martini. They have a fantastic range of unique spirits and provide excellent guidance to our bartenders. It is a great pleasure for us to work with unique brands such as Bacardi, Martini, Bombay Sapphire, Jack Daniel’s, St-Germain, Grey Goose, and Patrón.

www.bombaysapphire.com / legacy.bacardi.com / www.jackdaniels.com / www.greygoose.com / www.patrontequila.com

The Bakery

Kenney Van Hoorick learnt the tricks of the trade at Domestic, the bakery of star restaurant Dôme, and at Yves Guns, both big names in the baking world. Kenney loves the rich French bread-making traditions and works mainly with sourdough and natural yeast.


Duvel Moortgat

The future belongs to special and craft beers! Due to the extensive range of domestic and international top beers, we have been collaborating with Duvel Moortgat Brewery for a very long time. Their vision, love for the craft, and atypical marketing lead to a wonderful partnership with our restaurant and bar group.

www.duvelmoortgat.be / www.dekoninck.be


Thanks to our unique collaboration with Fever-Tree Premium Mixers, we use their beautiful selection of tonics and mixers. Whether it’s seductive gin and tonics, Horse’s Necks, or Moscow Mules, we consciously choose the unique quality and originality of these top products.



For Hendrik Dierendonck, craft, terroir and passion are keywords. They make them who they are today: butchers at heart, with respect for their animals, nature and love for taste. These are the values and standards they convey. The farmers they work with also share the same values. This philosophy ensures the fairest and tastiest meat. Dierendonck is a family of pure butcher’s craft.


Champagne Piper-Heidsieck

“In a perfect world, everyone would have a glass of Champagne every evening.”
Start your lunch or dinner with one of the exquisite Champagnes from Piper-Heidsieck. With over 150 years of family traditions, Piper-Heidsieck is not only superior in quality but also one of the most awarded Champagne houses of the past century.


Global Wineries

Global Wineries imports and distributes wines from classic wine countries such as France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria, California, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. In addition, a passionate team selects a fine range from new areas such as Hungary, Mexico, Slovenia and Moldova. The range contains more than 1000 different wines!


Magnus Kwaliteitswijnen

For 20 years we have had a close partnership with Magnus Quality Wines, the supplier of our suggested wines at Brasserie Appelmans, Black Smoke and Bistro Monroe. A combination that ensures strong value for money for our guests. They also have beautiful classics in their large range. In this way we create a nice balance between classic and new world wines.



The Bastard was born from a love of authentic flavors and design. This explains why only the best materials are used. Grilling, baking, smoking and stewing. Everything is possible with The Bastard, which makes it the most versatile barbecue of the moment.



“Sexy Winemakers Association Fighting For Overall Understanding”. We have been working with Luc and Stefan from Swaffou since the Chilli Club in 2001. Even then they stood out for their quirky wine offerings and sense of “winemaker-driven wines”. They resolutely opted for the winemaker’s philosophy instead of the well-known geographical approach by region. This ensures a beautiful selection of great wines on our wine lists that always catch the eye.

Heritage 50

Our favorite importer of the better and exclusive champagnes and wines!

Ad Bibendum Fine World Wines

Based on their love for the profession, for the people and for what they unquestionably describe as a divine drink, Björn and his team go around the world more enthusiastically than ever in search of the finest wines. Let us drink, that is the free translation of Ad Bibendum. But not just about anything, of course. Because after all, wine stands for experience, enjoyment and pleasure. Ever since 1997, Johan and Björn Monard have been leaving the beaten track and searching worldwide for winemakers who, through their tireless efforts, produce wines with character, excitement and emotion.

Treasure Hunting since 1968

“Dell’oro, where treasure hunting is a way of life and bold rebellion is the norm. We are no ordinary traders, but passionate treasure hunters of the finest Italian wines. Dive with us into the world of quirky wines that break traditional rules and unleash a feast of flavors. There is no room for mediocrity here; we challenge the status quo with every bottle we offer. Dell’oro, where bold individuality and richness meet in every sip, because ordinary is just not enough for us.”