Get your drink on!

Welcome to our hole in the wall: the Black Smoke Bar. One day, you would have found fermentation tanks in this earie space. But now? There’s an intimate bar where everything evolves around the liquid crafts.

Let our bar team, led by Rolando Lavin Blanco, shake or stir your cocktail and you will confirm that they, indeed, serve top level drinks! You’d rather have a beer? No worries! A 12-piece tap installation with only the heavenly beers of De Koninck will make your thirst go away. Apart from the known and loved brewages, we also have the key to the secret stash of the master brewer. Ssshhht! Be prepared for some test brewage and limited edition beers that you will find, nor try, anywhere else. Our bar menu is full of BBQ inspired bites and snacks that will keep you sober enough – despite all the liquid forces! – to survive just one more round of shots offered by your neighbours. We’ve got you covered!

Musical Madness
Yes! Even here, various excellent DJs from Antwerp shall create some necessary vibes on Saturday. Besides … on special occasions true all-American bands will be at our spot and perform live at the Black Smoke Bar.