On the 3rd floor you will reach the fiery heart of Black Smoke, our BBQ restaurant. When you come in, walk past hell’s kitchen where our pitmasters tame the raging fire in our show kitchen. Inhale the smoke of the wood burning ovens and grills and realize: you’ve entered the universe of BBQ crafts. Move along past the XL chef’s table (for group bookings) and have a seat in a restaurant with a very unique atmosphere, located in the former brewing halls. Let the BBQ experience begin …

BS menu
All Black Smoke dishes are grounded in American BBQ tradition and touched with some European flair. You will find the root of our menu in all ‘low and slow’ cooked dishes: low temperature smoked for an expansive time on an imported American smoker and on several types of wood. As true fire sommeliers our pitmasters toy with herbs, sauce, all ingredients and temperatures. The result is a combination of dishes that are both sturdy as sophisticated. Think: 16 hours slow roasted pork shoulder, Texas-style beef ribs and finger lickin’ spare ribs.

All ‘hot and fast’ dishes have an exclusive preparation on our 100% traditional Argentinian custom made and wood fired parrilla grill and will spoil steak lovers as well as the ones that prefer fish and even vegetarians. Can’t wait ‘till dinner? You don’t have to. Our lunch menu that winks to yankee-style sandwiches and our Sunday brunch will fix you up with your necessary amount of BBQ stash – and all that before sundown.

Culinary Friends
The line-up of craftsmen that we call our neighbours is top notch! Their culinary influences interlard with our dishes, and yes, their drinks are easily poured. Of course, De Koninck beers run through our bar and through our meals. But we also use meat from Luc De Laet’s premium selection at The Butcher’s Store. Together with Van Tricht we refine smokey cheese that you won’t believe! And Jitsk never stops to seduce us with his chocolate. Last but definitely not least: we serve a very special beer-infused sourdough bread from The Bakery.